Bachelor Thesis

This project marks as the last one during my study time. I wanted to figure out how to create a product that would not only educate the youth about economy, but also use a technology (AI) that would help them towards their goals. This is a snippet of the UI, but you can try out the protototype HERE.HERE.


locked screen

In order to engage with the user, it was decided that the tone of voice should be fresh and youthful. This was chosen to connect and engage the users as they are young.

Also, when working in a field that for some is a bit complex, it is believed that it makes sense to use a Tone of Voice that shows trust, understanding and encouragement.

The user is able to add a picture of her/himself to personalize their experience. The target group is used to creating a profile on social media, so in this case it wasn't different, even though they are not interacting with other users of the app – simply only Penny.


To get advice from Penny and to know what to do, if you want to accomplish an economic goal, it has been the idea to simply has a conversation with her within the app. We know what the youth is used to chatting and using apps like Messenger, Telegram and WhatsApp, and therefore it makes sense to create something that will give them the same experience.

The profile section is not as a usual profile. This type of profile is build in a way that doesn't show how many likes or pictures, but only an overview of how far the user is from their goal. This is a place to show the user her progress and giving him or her an encouriging word along the way.


Based on the user's general behaviour, a suggested plan is released monthy. This way an overview is created for the user, so he or she can be aware of his or her spedings. And maybe even see if there's areas to decrease the amount of spending.