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This is a re-design of the existing birth control pill app. The idea was to combine Practio's subscription service and the adherence app into one product. Furthermore, the app has been given fresh new skin. My role in this has been working with both UI, UX, testing and research. The app is out on AppStore and GooglePlay (with the same design for both).


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In this new version, we have made it possible for the users to personalize the message they receive when it is time for them to take their pill. 

This way, the users are able to make the app their own. 

The app consists of a calendar, which makes it possible for the users to quickly have an overview of when they are going to be on their period, but this is also their management tool. Here, it is possbile to skip a pause, add a pause and even connect their private calendar to see when they have appointments that might conflict with their period. In other words, we've made it possible for people to control when they are on a pause and not the other way around.

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The users will be able to get guidance on different subjects regarding their period, pregnancy, their body and so on. After letting the app know that they've taken their pill, they will be presented to an article, where they can educate themselves. 

Our research showed us that a majority of the users only open the app to let it know that they've taken their pill. Therefore, we decided to enlighten them with more information in that short amount of time they're in the app. We have taken out the last weeks pill-intake to show the users how they are doing. The app also lets the user know, pretty clear, if they are protected or not.

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As previously mentioned, the task was to combine the adherence app with the subscription service. By doing that, we make it possible for the users to monitor when their next shipment is on its way. By doing this, it is also possible for them to get direct access to all the features available from the web app.